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san juan del sur, nicaragua

san juan del sur, nicaragua

i just got back from five days in san juan del sur, nicaragua with a group of friends. if you haven't been - go.

the people are friendly, very friendly. we left a backpack with cash and iphones in the back of a taxi and the driver brought it back friendly. 

it's somehow not overrun with tourists in early may and it is so pretty. it's also a quick flight from colorado and in the same time zone. win. 

our group mostly hung out on the beach, by our pool, on boats, and surfed. i also read a book (review to come). it was true vacation mode.

bring a bunch of swimwear options and a trusty pair of adventure sandals #chaconation also wear spf and deet simultaneously and at all hours. i outlined some things we enjoyed and my favorite packed items but you can't go wrong. 

just go.


catch a catamaran to a remote beach (warning: booze cruise) - this is a whole day adventure and is so much fun. you cruise to a secluded beach, swim, do flips off the catamaran, drink, eat and catch the sunset on the ride back to sjds. there are now two providers. SALT and Nica Sail and Surf. I've been on both and they are both awesome. 

a beer bong at sunset at naked tiger hostel - take the shuttle from casa oro to party one night from . the views of sjds from the hill it's situated on are a+ and the party is wild.

surf at play hermosa, especially if you have prior surfing skills. it's $3 to get into the beach and $10 for board rentals. theres a bar, massages, and food if you don't surf. i liked the waves at playa remanso because they were more beginner friendly. there's shuttles to all the beaches. also don't take a cab there. take the shuttle.

go but don't pay for sunday funday - it's not worth the $30 but you can follow along to the bars and hostels they go to.


fish tacos at slaudy bar playa remanso. these were life changing. i also had a sale close at work back in the states while on their wifi. so go and you will eat tacos and make money like i did. 

nacho libre - we didn't eat here but i drank a shit ton here. 

beach house - new and so yummy. 

mercado - theres a chicken stand called asados juanita and you can also get a great breakfast

pali - we mostly cooked and this is the grocery store in town


toña and victoria beer. i preferred victoria and it's higher in alcohol. 

ceveceria (literally the only brewery) - brendan dublois brews here and its awesome to start the night

dale pues - drinks. 

lost in translation (lit) - it's a club.


we stayed in the most amazing airbnb, although it was a hike from town

i've also stayed at maderas village which is trendy BUT SO FAR FROM TOWN

naked tiger - if you are down to party and not sleep this is your go to


you can fly into liberia on southwest which is pretty cheap from denver. arranging transport before is actually cheaper than  getting a taxi when you land. you will have to cross the border on foot. 

you can p much use american dollas and your credit card. have the best time. 


summer vibez 🎧

summer vibez 🎧