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accra, ghana

accra, ghana

in 2009 i did semester at sea (passport #639 for life). i could go on and on about how much i loved my 110 day voyage around the world. one of the stops on my boat was accra, ghana. it was my first and still my only foray into west africa. it was amazing and beautiful and different than anything have seen. i still wear a t-shirt i picked up on the street that simply reads "ghana" with their flag. 

i was at yoga last week and my teacher jess mentioned she's going to just outside to accra to do film a documentary and social project. she's doing a social project already but i would really really really recommend volunteering in west africa. there are so many amazing ngos that operate. while i was there i volunteered with the unhcr, habitat for humanity and global mamas. my good friend taylor, who is also a yoga teacher spent a year in ghana doing medical volunteering with global brigades. if you visit ghana - pick your favorite and spend a day. psa over. here's your travel guide.



go to the volta region and the wli waterfalls. it is an amazing but easy hike to the waterfall and swimming pool. it's one of those memories that sticks out in my head as magical to this day. we stopped into the tafi atome monkey sanctuary on our way back to accra and it was awesome to get to hang and feed the mona monkeys. 

visit the elmina castle, also known as st. georgeโ€™s castle - built by the portuguese in 1482 and the cape coast castle, built by the swedes in 1653. both of these fortresses were centers for the western slave trade. it's a jarring first hand look at the tragedy that took place and is generally ignored. 

do a canopy walk at kakum national park. i didn't do this myself but everyone that did 1. loved it 2. had awesome photos.

go to global mama's shop. it's in accra and is the place to grab some souvenirs and gifts for friends. they are a fairtrade ngo in ghana that produces with mostly women and make awesome stuff. i may have you pick me up a skirt. ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป

go to a beach hotel or a resort with a pool. the kempinski is brand new and looks swanky. labadi was where we went and is an awesome option to hang out by the pool and also get a yummy meal. 

take a tro tro somewhere. they are overpacked mini-vans with cool slogans on them. the one in the picture below says it all. they are slow and totally unreliable and the driver just yells where it's going as it gets to the stop. i had a good time. i did see that uber is now in accra so that is also an option. 


there's a cool market tour and cooking class you can do. i'm not sure if this is the one we did but it was awesome. 

buka is an awesome west african restaurant. traditional food, good setting. it's in osu which is just a great place to go out in general for food and drinks. people will tell you to go to frankie's in osu but skip it for food. it's meh. there is also ๐Ÿ• in osu and i love pizza. 

maquis tante maria is a great al fresco option. there's multiple locations now but the original is the best.

try some waakye. ask a local where to score the best. it's a rice dish that has beans and meat and spice. it's awesome and usually really really cheap. 


time out has a really great guide to all things accra and ghana.

it's easy to get around in accra because english is a national language. once you're outside of the city it can get harder to communicate. but it's fun!

i always felt safe in accra but just be careful of your belongings and at night. 

enjoy the vibrant heart that is ghana! ๐Ÿ’› ๐Ÿ’š โค๏ธ 



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