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colorado skin care

colorado skin care

ok so i keep getting asked about skincare. living in colorado is absolutely brutal on skin. you have to keep it moisturized like crazy but not go overboard and make it oily. the first recommendation i have which is kind of controversial is cut back on dairy. it has changed my skin. i still eat dairy like once a week but (long live burrata) but i don't eat it every day like i used to. and drink shit tons of water. i drink at least two hydroflasks at my desk every day.  

i also try to keep skincare natural / organic / vegan where i can. i'm not perfect but i do take it into account. here is my skin product routine. 


wash your face. if you have an even complexion i like a milky cleanser for colorado. both purity and glossier are awesome.  the glossier one you can buy in a set with moisturizer and lip balm which im here for. if you have acne prone skin i really like the indie lee brightening cleanser

rose witch hazel as toner or in a spritz. i make my own but the thayer's brand is pretty good too.

face serum - i make my own now but i also like the fig + yarrow one they sell locally in denver. i also think having a squalene oil on hand is important for really dry days. indie lee is good or the ordinary which is way more price friendly. 

sunscreen or bb cream with sunscreen - i like these two bb creams missha m and mychelle and supergoop face products which give a lot of flexibility from cc creams to a setting powder sunscreen. there is no excuse to not wearing sunscreen everyday in colorado. 


wash your face again. now use your toner. 

now instead of the serum i use in the morning i use buffet and niacinamide (you could also use vitamin c here) followed by moisturizer - if you buy the glossier set you could use that. currently all of mine are the ordinary. 

i also use the sand and sky face mask about once every week or two. i really like that it came with a brush to put it on. ive been meaning to also try the herbivore mask too. 

sometimes i still break out, im a human but i've found my skin is a lot better just by paying attention to it. during the day i keep a rose hydrosol spritz around if i need a pick me up. 💋

rino, the quick hits

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